Commitment to Care

Riverdale Assisted Living Center is owned by Brenda Richardson Memorial Care Home (BRMCH), a special needs care provider in Memphis, TN.

BRMCH was founded in 1989 to continue the work of Brenda Richardson, a passionate advocate of the special needs population for more than 25 years. Ms. Richardson, a psychiatric nurse, provided the foundation of BRMCH to help address critical needs of the patients she saw. Today, under the direction of Ms. Richardson's family, BRMCH offers a robust suite of care services to adults with special needs and older adults. Through more than 140 employees, we serve a small group of clients who are able to maintain dignity and autonomy in their own homes or in group homes. BRMCH clients are able to work and live with the same quality of life afforded to the non special-needs population.

A Community of Care and Support

Riverdale Assisted Living Center's mission is to provide adults with special care, respectful treatment, trusted support, and individualized care needed to enable them to have the best possible quality of life. We strive daily to ensure that our clients have their unique needs met by dedicated professionals in environments that facilitate safety, growth, and comfort. To maintain this individual level of attention and consistent quality assurance, we maintain a smaller clientele and hands-on management.